ICS Cool Energy grows its fleet with new solutions

ICS Ready to Hire AHU

ICS Cool Energy has announced that it is increasing investment in its hire fleet and ads close to 150 new ‘Ready-to-Hire’ solutions, including i-Chillers and Air Handling Units (AHU). The new units benefit from the close collaboration between the engineering teams of ICS Cool Energy and the original equipment manufacturers, MTA and AL-KO Air Technology.

“MTA and AL-KO were recently acquired by Trane Technologies, and are a part of the organisation’s commercial HVAC portfolio,” says Dave Palmer, General Manager for UK at ICS Cool Energy. “As members of the same family, our engineering teams could work closer together to customise the proven equipment and tailor it to the specific requirements of hire projects. These new ‘Ready-to-Hire’ units are now available in ICS Cool Energy rental fleet.”

Ready-to-Hire AHU

Collaboration with AL-KO Air Technology has resulted with new AHU solutions in the company’s hire offering. Quality and reliability are the decisive factors for ventilation technology in the industrial sector and the new 150kW air handling units offer tight temperature control, which directly translates into energy saving potential from the chiller or heaters within the system. Compared with the older constant speed systems, the new AHUs feature new controls managing the fan speed and a three-way valve system for more precise supply of hot or cold water, adapting the operations of the AHU to the desired room temperature.

The new AHUs were designed by the ICS Cool Energy and AL-KO teams as a plug-and-play solution to fit any customer application. The units can also be connected to heat pumps, switching it into cooling or heating mode depending on the ambient temperature or the temperature set point for maximised energy savings and with no interaction requirement from the customer.

Ready-to-Hire i-Chillers

The hire fleet will grow this year with close to 150 new i-Chillers, heat pumps and low-temperature units reaching -25°C, all designed to cope with the rigours of manufacturing and critical processes. These units are suitable for all types of process applications, including food and beverage, plastics, chemical and pharmaceutical, metal works and other demands.

Unlike other units on the market, the i-Chiller range has been designed with process applications in mind from the ground up. As such, they can operate faultlessly and maintain accurate temperature control 24/7 under highly differing and abruptly fluctuating operating conditions.

Now, together with MTA air conditioning and air treatment, ICS Cool Energy customised the ‘Ready-to-Hire’ units to be even more robust and flexible in transport and customer installation.

“We worked closely with the MTA team, exploring the pain points of hire destined units and have come up with installation features and solutions, so our customers can benefit from the technology quicker and with improved efficiency,” says Jason Lamley, Technical Manager at ICS Cool Energy. “These 150 new hire chillers are manufactured specifically for ICS Cool Energy, are specified and finalised directly in the factory and can be shipped straight to the customer for installation, significantly speeding up the entire process.”

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