Aggreko appoints a new President for Europe

Following the appointment of a new President for Europe, Aggreko has formalised its plans for 2024 and beyond with the launch of Energising Change, its new sustainability framework which places support for the energy transition front and centre.

Robert Wells, former Managing Director of Aggreko’s businesses across Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific and Head of Global Events, has been appointed as the European President, as well as retaining responsibility for Global Events. With a focus on enabling European customers to access newer and greener technologies to support its decarbonisation process, Robert is set to embed the Energising Change framework in the region.

Energising Change shapes how Aggreko works internally and alongside its diverse portfolio of customers across the world. It allows Aggreko and the companies it works with to embed low carbon power, temperature control technologies and a more efficient way of working. The framework forms a core part of the business proposition at a time when clearer action is needed to balance energy resilience, economic viability and action on climate.

Central to the framework is a series of major investments that give the industry more immediate access to cleaner and greener energy sources, such as the expansion of its fleet of small, mid and large-sized battery energy storage solutions (BESS).

The latest investment is part of the over $140 million earmarked in 2023 and 2024 to expand Aggreko’s Greener Upgrades fleet, which included new boilers, Stage V generation, batteries and chillers.

Aggreko will use these investments to support the decarbonisation of many of its key sectors, such as manufacturing, construction and data centres. The approach is already being evidenced in projects across the continent, including a refinery in Romania where using a Greener Upgrade solution has already reduced carbon emissions, waste and operating costs by a substantial amount. The hybrid solution of solar photovoltaic and combined heat and power recovers waste heat from exhaust gases and uses a gas byproduct from the company’s process, producing electricity for the grid and on-site operations.

Energy resilience is another core driver of Energising Change, reflecting a world where high energy costs and grid limitations continually present challenges to economic development. Supporting energy-intensive sectors such as manufacturing, construction and data centres, the company is set to continue working with customers to introduce solutions, which improve on-site resilience in addition to reducing environmental impact as it transitions to a renewable energy model.

The Energising Change framework commits to supporting the move to renewables by using temporary solutions to support the construction and commissioning of tomorrow’s energy systems. Working with key construction customers, Aggreko has been able to trial the use of BESS in conjunction with alternative fuels, such as hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) to see emissions and fuel consumption reductions of 45%.

Commitment to being energy efficient also forms part of the framework, with the company expanding its approach to digitalisation via remote monitoring and data analysis services. This will ensure the equipment is running optimally, no matter where it is deployed.

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