Aico launches bespoke training for electrical distributors

Since 2019, Aico has supported over 40,900 electricians and contractors through its Expert Installer Training. This Fire Industry Association (FIA) CPD-certified training course ensures attendees have a full understanding of Domestic Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms and how to install them.

After the dramatic success of this course, Aico has now launched its Expert Distributor Training. This bespoke course is made specifically for electrical distributors and aims to provide an in-depth understanding of industry standards, regulations and legislation as well as relevant products and technology.

This new course is completely free and open to all Electrical Distributor Association (EDA) members, giving attendees 30 minutes of FIA-accredited CPD time. It provides an overview of legislation and grading, alarms and sensor types, and a detailed look into Aico’s full product range, assisting in promoting best practices within the industry.

It explores examples of the diverse housing stock in the UK and the possible product specification needs of different end users. With industry technology and products constantly evolving, it is vital that distributors are up to date with the latest legislation, products and devices, providing consumers with the best possible advice and recommendations.

This type of training is unique to Aico and ensures distributors are committed to promoting the current best practices and procedures for domestic alarm and sensor installations. This collaboration promotes knowledgeable industry professionals working together to create safer, healthier and more sustainable homes.

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