AWEBB welcomes Westminster Electrical Wholesalers as a new member

AWEBB has announced that Westminster Electrical Wholesalers will be joining its buying group on 1 March 2024.

Westminster Electrical is a family-run business established by ex-Chelsea and Crystal Palace footballer Micky Droy in 1984. After almost 30 years of wholesaling in Greater London, it opened a second branch in Welwyn Garden City in 2012, expanding its operational capability and increasing its economies of scale in order to serve its customers.

Following its success in Greater London, it now operates worldwide in more than 15 countries, where it provides a wide range of specialist items, including 800A + panel boards, switchgear distribution, solar, lightning protection and lighting designs.

AWEBB says Westminster Electrical is a fantastic addition to its thriving membership.

Meet Westminster Electrical

Steve Droy, Managing Director, was proud to follow in the footsteps of his father and has worked for Westminster Electrical for over 25 years. He was instrumental in steering the selection and opening of its first branch office and headquarters in Welwyn Garden City. Steve is focused on growth in volume and its customer base, direct sourcing from well-recognised manufacturers, and capability building in human resources and facilities management.

Richard Jolley, General Manager, has been in the industry since 1990 and has worked with all the national wholesalers, as well as the independent ones. Richard oversees everything in Welwyn Garden City and London, including its growing export business. Steve and Richard work together closely, sharing the same vision and values.

When asked about joining AWEBB, Steve says, “We are planning the prudent expansion of our network in the coming years and felt that AWEBB were best placed to help us deliver this – with strong deals and similar values it really was an easy choice.”

Mark Lambert, CEO of AWEBB, says, “We’re proud to have Westminster Electrical on board. They have such a strong track record of delivering excellence through everything they do. New members such as this further enhance our collective strength in such an innovative industry. We welcome Westminster Electrical to a powerful partnership and here’s to a bright future of collaboration and growth.”

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