Baltic Electric boosts operations with Fergus

Baltic Electric boosts operations with Fergus

Operating an electrical business involves a complex array of tasks: generating quotes and invoices; orchestrating project timelines; managing material costs; adhering to safety protocols; and keeping precise financial records. Manually handling these responsibilities is taxing and can be a source of significant stress and confusion.

For Alan, Owner of Baltic Electric, and Charlene, his Administration Manager, such complex responsibilities were an everyday reality until they implemented Fergus.

“Before we were using the Fergus software, we were doing things manually, which was quite hard,” says Alan. “We’re a small business, so using software makes life a lot easier because we can delegate roles, give jobs out and communicate with our customers.”

The Fergus dashboard tracks the progress of numerous jobs, from initial estimates to invoicing completion. Baltic Electric can stay on top of late payments without chasing customers with automated invoice reminders after 30 days. The price book of materials allows the company to cost jobs accurately, quickly search for materials and access up-to-date prices from trusted suppliers. Fergus also shows profit margins, allowing custom markups and making client communication easy by scheduling meetings, setting reminders, sending confirmations, and notifying changes or delays to customers.

A particular highlight for Baltic Electric was the immediate support Fergus provided. The team benefited from the tailored forms offered by Fergus, simplifying the creation of digital risk assessments and client satisfaction documents, and eliminating the paper trail mayhem. With all vital data centralised on a singular platform, accessing critical information is hassle-free.

For the team at Baltic Electric, implementing Fergus has transformed day-to-day operations.

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