CTEK unveils new advanced CC3 EV charge point

CTEK unveils new advanced CC3 EV charge point

CTEK has unveiled Chargestorm Connected 3, its most advanced charge point to date. It includes vehicle-to-grid bi-directional charging and ‘plug and charge’ automatic vehicle identification and is ready for the next era of EV adoption


CTEK says that the Chargestorm Connected 3 (CC3) incorporates the latest hardware and software innovations ready for easy installation and smart charging and is primed for the possibilities of an EV energy ecosystem with next-level connectivity and control.


CC3 builds on CTEK’s decade-plus experience in designing and manufacturing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). CTEK has already sold more than 100,000 Chargestorm Connected series charge points in the UK, its home market in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.


Designed for ease of installation and ease of use, CC3’s anti-tamper enclosure, cyber security features, dual-socket options and up to 22kW charging make it suited to multiple charge point installations at destinations such as car parks, apartment blocks and workplaces.


Fully compliant with current UK regulations governing charge points, each CC3 has a unique password, tamper alerts and encrypted communication. CC3 also meets the ISO15118 standard and is primed for the upcoming V2G (Vehicle to Grid) and V2X (Vehicle to Everything) revolutions.

It supports the latest OCPP 2.0.1 standard (Open Charge Point Protocol), ensuring smooth interaction with multiple third-party hardware and software.


The company says CC3 breaks new ground in connectivity. In-built Wi-Fi enables seamless installation, networking and wireless load balancing. The optional 4G modem uses less power to provide uninterrupted connectivity, independent of traditional network setups, whilst dual ethernet ports make future networking possible.


Incorporating CTEK’s Nanogrid dynamic load balancing technology, CC3 ensures optimal power distribution between EVs and other local power demands. For installers, CC3 appears alongside a redesigned wall mounting bracket with reconfigured punch-out holes and daisy chain capabilities for network and power cabling, all designed for an efficient and streamlined install. Each CC3 variant supports one and three-phase electricity supplies.


Daniel Forsberg, CTEK’s Marketing Manager EVSE, says, “The Chargestorm Connected 3 is more than just an EVSE; it’s the embodiment of a synergy between state-of-the-art technology and user-centric design. We’re not merely charging vehicles; we’re fuelling the journey towards a more connected and efficient e-mobility future, pioneering in the realm of destination charging.”


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