Embracing The Future Of Renewable Energy

Eaton, global power management company, discusses the benefits of its new energy storage solution, xStorage Home.

Did you know that whenever someone uses social media, Eaton builds and maintains the infrastructure that runs those datacentres? Planes, trains, hospitals and the electricity grid are all things people depend on every day, and the companies behind them depend on Eaton to solve some of the toughest power management challenges on the planet.

Eaton always needs to be on and always needs to be safe. Managing power, reliably, efficiently and safely are what underpins Eaton’s past, and defines its future.

Eaton’s electrical residential solutions offer regulated technology and include wireless intruder detection solutions through to sockets with in-built phone charging points.

xStorage Home has been developed in partnership with Nissan –­ which has sold more all-electric cars than any other carmaker – using its lithium-ion batteries, to ensure xStorage Home meets the highest electrical safety codes.

Homeowners need to take control of their energy supply to address multiple challenges, including increasing power bills, variable electricity rates, power outages, potential natural disasters, intermittent solar PV production and decreasing incentives for solar PV production.

There are a number of ways that xStorage Home is designed to address these challenges.

Lower electricity bills

Connected to residential power supply and/or renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the unit helps save money on electricity bills by charging up when renewable energy is available or energy is cheaper (e.g. during the night) and releasing that stored energy when demand and costs are high.

Lower CO2 footprint

By storing, consuming or selling renewable energy back to the grid, homeowners are contributing to the decarburisation of the energy supply, maximising consumption of onsite generation, primarily solar energy.

Ease of installation and use

This integrated unit is designed to ensure safety and performance when storing and distributing clean power. Once set-up by a certified installer, it is ready to work, giving homeowners the ability to plug in and power up easily.
It also has smartphone connectivity to enhance usability and allow them to switch between energy sources at the touch of a button.

Safe technology

The technology is industrialised, tested and configured by Eaton to deliver high levels of quality, reliability and performance. As a power management company with over 100 years’ experience and a leader in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Eaton brings a depth of experience that is unmatched by many storage players. Nissan is a leader in electric vehicles and is a proven, high volume, maker of reliable Li-Ion batteries that meet the high safety standards of the automotive market.

Join Eaton

Eaton has a purpose-made facility in Bedford with partner Carter Sullivan to offer high standard commercial and technical training, protecting the consumer in this growing market.

To become part of Eaton’s new accredited xStorage Home Authorised Installer programme, visit the Eaton website.

Joining offers comprehensive training to gain product knowledge and best practice for installations at a dedicated Eaton facility in Bedford, with many other additional benefits such as new sales opportunities and leads, priority updates of product, technology and regulation developments and support via phone, email and WhatsApp, among other benefits.

As Manchester City’s official home energy storage partner, Eaton is proud to work with the Club to showcase its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability.

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