Electricians vote Scolmore Group’s App their top product of 2020

The Scolmore Group App has been crowned a Professional Electrician & Installer 2020 ‘Top Product’ award winner.

The awards are recognition for those companies that have made a real difference to the electrical professional’s ability to get the job done efficiently, safely and professionally, whether this is in the form of innovative equipment, tools or time-saving solutions.

PE Editor, Richard Bowler comments “Although 2020 has been a particularly challenging year, it hasn’t stopped innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs and manufacturers from introducing a whole host of exciting new products to the market, including Apps and digital support aids.

“Our annual awards are a great way to reward those companies that have come up with excellent ideas to help electrical installers and businesses overcome common problems in their everyday work, or to open up new profit streams. The Scolmore App is therefore a worthy winner of one of our 2020 Top Product awards.”

Scolmore updated its App earlier this to incorporate all the businesses within the Scolmore Group.  This extended the access for users from Click Scolmore to the full range of products and services for ESP fire and security, OVIA lighting and Unicrimp cable accessories – with just one click.

The award-winning Scolmore Group App brings to contractors a comprehensive range of features that will help them in their everyday tasks on site.  What sets it apart is the FREE ‘Tool Kit’ feature, which includes a selection of calculators, designed to make it quick and easy for electricians to make essential calculations on the job. Included are Z’s values; Cable Selection and Voltage Drop, Power Factor, KVA Convertor, Cost Saving Calculator, Downlights Number Calculator, Resistance Calculator, Voltage Calculator, Current Calculator and Power Calculator.

The App also offers two new additional calculators within the Ovia Lighting section – one to calculate the recommended amount of lighting products required to achieve the optimum lighting level, as well as a Lighting Cost Saving Calculator.

The ‘Quick Quote Calculator’ is designed to let electricians/contractors create a quick quote as they are walking around the site.  It has an advanced setting which allows users to set up the unit cost of each item and how much they would like to charge for labour.  It is also set up so that if a double socket for example is added to the quote, it will also automatically add a double back box.

Free to download, the App features a complete range of searchable products across all the group companies, plus product and tutorial videos, catalogue downloads and all the latest news and events to keep users up to date with what’s happening in the company and the industry.

As well as browsing the complete range of products, users can add them to their Favourites or the Quote Basket.  Electricians have the facility to email the contents of the basket for future reference, or straight to the wholesaler providing all the information needed to obtain any quotations or make a purchase.

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