ESP’s large CCTV projects covered with 24/7 Colour IP range

For large, commercial projects requiring a robust and reliable CCTV solution, ESP says it can provide an all-embracing solution. From the initial stages, which include scoping the project, site visits, and providing detailed drawings and 3D plans, through to the specification of the CCTV system that will best suit the application, contractors can rely on a team of qualified and experienced design engineers and technical experts to help deliver the ideal solution.

ESP’s 24/7 Colour IP POE CCTV range is designed to offer reliable and straightforward installation solutions for a range of applications, including larger and more complex commercial projects.

Guaranteeing detail in colour, day or night, the IP POE range includes a variety of cameras offering 5MP and 8MP resolutions and a choice of 8MP NVRs with a range of channel options – 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels.

With their 24/7 colour function, the cameras use low-light image sensors, which can use background light to produce a colour image in reduced light environments. The cameras, which have an IP67 rating for external use, are equipped with infrared LEDs, which are the default mode when the white LEDs are not activated. This ensures that the white LEDs are not on constantly, which will be unwanted by some users.

The key feature of the NVRs is that they offer the capability of 8MP recording, which means they support high-resolution cameras in recording, playback and live view modes. With a choice of 4-64 channel NVRs available, ESP is providing a breadth of NVR capability to support a range of applications from small to large.

Other features include:

  • 250m PoE function. PoE (Power Over Ethernet) models provide greater flexibility to the installer by supporting cameras up to 250m, resulting in fewer additional power supplies and PoE switches required for large cable runs.
  • Pre-installed Surveillance Hard Drive. ESP pre-installs purpose-built surveillance hard drives and, unlike standard PC hard drives, surveillance drives operate and handle data recording continuously.
  • Intelligent record options such as line crossing and perimeter detection. This offers a flexible choice on what triggers the system to record, resulting in more critical recordings and reduced wasted recorded footage.

For these CCTV projects that require larger systems and specific cameras, ESP believes that pre-planning is vital and that producing and working to a professional design will mean the best possible system is specified to get the best results on-site. The ESP design service can generate computer-generated models of a system’s live view from the cameras, ensuring a client will have a good understanding of the camera angles and views before committing to the system. As well as providing computer-generated previews from the camera locations, the service will provide recommendations for the total amount of cable required for installation and suitable hard drive capacity. It will also highlight the record duration, resolution and ESP camera part number required – making specifying an installation simpler.

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