KNIPEX Crimping Pliers for RJ45 Western plugs

RJ45 tool

KNIPEX’s Crimping Pliers for RJ45 Western plugs (97 51 13) are designed to reliably crimp shielded and unshielded RJ45 Western plugs (8P8C), and feature an adjustable retaining bracket that can accommodate all common RJ45 plugs with closed and non-closed housings.

The Crimping Pliers are ideal for electricians working on RJ45 connectors as part of their duties in installing and maintaining network cabling systems. RJ45 connectors are commonly used in Ethernet networks to connect computers, servers, and other network devices. They are also used in telephone networks to connect phones to wall jacks. As network technologies continues to evolve, electricians may be called upon to install and upgrade cabling systems, including the installation of RJ45 connectors. A reliable and efficient all-in-one tool for cable cutting, stripping, and crimping can greatly aid an electrician in their work, allowing them to complete tasks quickly and accurately.

This KNIPEX crimping tool uses a parallel crimp and self-releasing mechanism, ensuring a precise and secure connection. The dual crimping points provide equal and balanced crimping pressure for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

The blade enables the quick cutting and stripping of CAT-cables, making the tool ideal for use in the network and Ethernet area. With ergonomic multi-component handles, the tool is comfortable to use and easy to grip, reducing the risk of strain or injury.

This tool is perfect for connection technology in the network and Ethernet area and Western modular plugs with 8P8C pin assignment. It is a must-have for anyone who works with cables and needs a reliable, all-in-one tool for cable cutting, stripping, and crimping.

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