Metrel introduces MI 3115 PV Analyser

Metrel has launched a new multifunctional electrical installation safety tester for 1500V photovoltaic installations.

The MI 3115 PV Analyser comes with an array of versatile accessories for comprehensive testing, including a remote unit for measuring irradiation and cell temperature (of photovoltaic modules). Empowering electrical inspectors to test even the largest 1500V photovoltaic systems with confidence and ease.

Key features: 

  • Measurements of insulation and the I/U characteristic in 1500V PV systems in a single instrument
  • An auto-test function for IEC/EN 62446 category one tests
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) remote unit for measuring (and logging) irradiation and cell temperature of PV modules
  • Calculation of STC values and comparison with nominal data
  • PV modules database handler
  • Correction of previously wrongly entered parameters of an already executed measurement or a group of measurements

To read more on Metrel, click here.

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