New Fire Manager app part of Siemens Building X expansion

New Fire Manager app part of Siemens Building X expansion

Siemens Smart Infrastructure is launching a new version of Fire Manager, its dedicated web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) fire app that offers service providers and fire safety managers the capability to have all fire safety sites in one view. The status of buildings can be easily monitored, with more information available by clicking on a site of interest via a fully encrypted connection that ensures the safety of the data.

The move is part of the ongoing development of Siemens Building X, a digital building platform that supports customers in digitalising, managing, and optimising their building operations (energy, HVAC, security and safety). It enables remote monitoring and intervention, real-time notification and efficient, predictive maintenance.

Fire Manager offers a range of benefits, including a status overview of a site/sites, both live and historical events, customisable notification via SMS or email and data that assists with maintenance and planning. Included in the data that Fire Manager provides from a fire safety system is the potential for disturbance-free testing (DFT), which allows detectors to be tested automatically, with the results recorded in the portal.

Alongside Fire Manager, which automatically transmits notifications of the fire system status to service providers, notifications can be sent to their customers by Fire Connect; a native iOS and Android app.

Fire Manager and Fire Connect work with Siemens fire safety solutions such as Cerberus PRO, the company’s comprehensive EN54-13 approved fire alarm system. For those who want to maintain their dashboards, Fire API provides the opportunity to integrate the data into their dashboards.

All three offerings – Fire Manager, Fire Connect and Fire API – are part of a new licensing model which paves the way for increased customer flexibility by offering choice regarding which data and app bundle best suits a specific need.

The Fire apps and API are designed to digitalise the customer workflow for fire safety operation and maintenance. This saves time and resources whilst improving safety and minimising the disturbance of building users. It enables service providers to monitor all sites at any time remotely and connect directly to the fire panel. This transparency allows for maintenance activities to be planned, carried out and documented efficiently. The enhanced solutions drive digital transformation but also yield sustainability benefits. By offering maintenance options and a fire system status remotely, it is possible to save CO2 emissions related to yearly site visits.

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