NHS Scotland welcomes its first solar car park and EV charging hub

NHS Scotland welcomes its first solar car park and EV charging hub

3ti, a designer, installer, funder and operator of solar car parks, has completed the installation of a Papilio3 pop-up solar car park and EV charging hub at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, Scotland. The latest delivery is the first of its kind to be operational in Scotland and provides hospital users access to 12 charge points boosted by renewable energy.


With a fleet of EVs already in operation at the hospital, Papilio3 will support destination and workplace EV charging whilst addressing the growing demand for accessible and convenient charging in an area where long dwell times are common.


The rapidly installed unit has helped Raigmore Hospital boost its EV charging infrastructure, encouraging EV adoption in the area by providing affordable, low carbon charging for everyone, regardless of access to off-street parking or geographic location.


The multi-award-winning Papilio3 is built around a recycled shipping container and can be installed in under eight hours. It can be easily transported and set up almost anywhere in the world, making it the perfect solution for one of the most Northerly-located hospitals in the UK.


Papilio3 is already in operation at several facilities across the UK, designed to solve many of the challenges facing transport, energy and infrastructure sectors. According to 3ti, it offers a significantly improved experience to other charging stations and is pre-fitted with a back-office billing system and a range of technology and user features. The water-tight canopy keeps EV drivers dry while energy-saving motion sensors automatically operate the lights when a customer approaches. Also, fully operational CCTV provides additional safety and security for the public.


Papilio3 is available from 3ti on a rental contract and, therefore, requires no capital investment by customers. With a solar capacity of 19.32kWp, the installed Papilio3 will generate an average of 18MWh of electricity annually – which equates to over 63,000 miles of EV range – and can fast-charge up to 12 EVs simultaneously at 7kW, 11kW or 22kW.


Brian Johnstone, Head of Energy, Environment and Sustainability at NHS Highland, says, “As part of our commitment to supporting the delivery of healthcare in the future, we understand that our environmental responsibilities go beyond our services. As an organisation, we are looking to develop innovative ways to harness electricity and utilise renewable energy on-site, which Papilio3 is a great example of. With the introduction of Papilio3, NHS Highland is now better positioned to support patients, staff and visitors with EVs at Raigmore. We hope that this investment in EV infrastructure helps to convince others to make the switch over to zero-emission vehicles.”

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