Ovia releases Issue 5 of the Ovia Lighting Catalogue

Now in its fifth year of trading as an independent lighting company, Ovia says it has firmly established its reputation as a leading player in the lighting sector. 


The company has just released Issue 5 of the Ovia Lighting Catalogue, showcasing new launches and drawing attention to the company’s concerted efforts to contribute to the lighting industry’s transition to a circular economy.


The company is working towards making sure all of its Inceptor luminaires meet the requirements of the TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme. This scheme is an initiative developed and fulfilled by the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and endorsed by CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers).


Scolmore Group has been a member of the LIA since 2012 and has forged a close working relationship with the team at the Association as the company strives to achieve excellence in product design, specification and performance. Having been accepted as the founding partner for TM66 last year, Ovia has become more involved in discussions with the LIA on the importance of the circular economy and highlights the company’s plans to support the TM66 verification scheme. Last year, LIA Chief Executive Officer, Ayca Donaghy, and Head of Policy and Sustainability, Bob Bohannon, visited Scolmore Group head office to meet with the Ovia team for discussions on the whole subject of the circular economy and the efforts being made by Ovia to drive its sustainability policies throughout the entire business operation.


Almost the entire range of Ovia’s Inceptor products has been tested and scored very well on the TM66 Circularity Report. The testing involves gathering thorough evidence to support the specifications of the product range. The LIA verifies the TM66 results to ensure it has a consistent and accurate rating. Ovia will continue with its promise that every one of its Inceptor lighting products will meet the standards set by the TM66 report.


Switching up the Ovia lighting offer 

Among the raft of Ovia’s TM66 verified products is the newly launched Inceptor Milli, an IP65-rated, dimmable 4W and 6.4W fixed, fire-rated downlight that offers a range of features at the flick of a switch. There is the option to switch between 6.4W and 4W power outputs using a single switch, as well as the ability to easily switch the colour temperatures between warm white, cool white and daylight. This allows for effortless adaptation to varying lighting needs and makes it easy for the end user to tailor their lighting to suit individual requirements.


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