Power anywhere with Makita’s new BAC01 Power Converter

Power anywhere with Makita's new BAC01 Power Converter

Makita has announced the launch of its new BAC01 36V Power Converter, a solution for converting DC power into AC power suitable for battery charging or using corded tools in outdoor job sites where an AC outlet is unavailable.

The new product specifically converts power from Makita’s 36V battery packs to AC power for various applications, simply by connecting the PDC01 or PDC1200 battery pack to the power station.

The power converter is designed to support a variety of requirements, featuring multiple outlets: two AC outlets; two Type A USB output ports; two Type C USB outlet ports; and one DC12V cigar socket. When on-site, users have access to a wide range of options to power multiple items. Additionally, it serves as a charging station for Makita’s batteries, compatible with its cordless power tools and outdoor equipment.

Its runtime depends on its application. For example, the PDC1200 will power a 1000W load for approximately 56 minutes, and the PDC01 with 4 x BL1860B batteries powers a 750W load for approximately 20 minutes.

The power converter is now compatible with Makita’s Makpac system, facilitating easy transportation. Measuring just 39.5cm by 34.5cm by 16.3cm and weighing 7.3 kilos, it can be controlled by using the built-in, retractable carrying handles located on both sides of the unit.

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita UK, comments, “We’re always looking for opportunities to meet our customers’ needs, with our new BAC01 Power Converter doing just that. We foresee this being an instrumental and complementary piece of equipment for tradespeople working on large sites, or in remote areas where there isn’t a power supply available. It’s an easily transportable, highly effective source of power that is compatible with a variety of tools and lighting equipment.”

With a nominal battery voltage of 36V, the BAC01 has a maximum power output of 2,800W and a continuous rating output of 1,400W.

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