Prysmian launches breakthrough with Sirocco Extreme 864 fibres

Prysmian launches breakthrough with Sirocco Extreme 864 fibres

Prysmian has announced the launch of its Sirocco Extreme 864f microduct cable. According to Prysmian, this groundbreaking cable showcases world-record diameters and fibre densities for blown microduct cables.


Sirocco Extreme 864f microduct cable features 864 fibres within a 9.8mm diameter, providing a fibre density of 11.5 fibres per mm2 and can be installed into a 12mm duct. Prysmian says that its Sirocco Extreme microduct cables employ the state-of-the-art BendBrightXS 180µm single-mode (ITU-T G.657.D, G.657.A2) bend-insensitive fibre, ensuring compatibility with existing G.652 fibres and readiness for evolved systems.


“Microduct cables have become a popular choice for future-fit applications, such as long haul data centre interconnection, metro and FTTx networks. They enable rapid deployment and provide future-proof scalability and their small footprint also provides sustainability benefits, due to the use of fewer raw materials. Sirocco Extreme microduct cables offer the best available dimensions on the market as they utilise Prysmian’s BendBrightXS 180µm single-mode bend insensitive fibre, the only true 180µm fibre available on the market today,” says Ian Griffiths, Global R&D VP, Telecom Business at Prysmian. 


He continues, “The extreme fibre count and reduced diameter of the Sirocco Extreme microduct cables make installation faster and more cost-effective.”


Available in fibre counts ranging from 96 to 864 and conforming to international standards for optical and mechanical performance, the Sirocco Extreme cables incorporate Prysmian’s PicoTube technology, making them up to 25% smaller than previous microduct cables. This makes it possible to install more fibres into a congested duct space and enables the use of smaller ducts for new installations, resulting in lower installation costs and the use of fewer raw materials.


Prysmian’s Sirocco Extreme microduct cables not only provide cost savings to telecom network owners and builders but also enable them to reduce carbon and environmental footprints. By offering reduced diameters and increased fibre densities, Prysmian goes beyond its value chain and continues to demonstrate its commitment to environmentally conscious solutions that avoid emissions.


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