Schneider Electric unveils Acti9 Active for the UK market

Schneider Electric unveils Acti9 Active for the UK market

Schneider Electric has developed a modular circuit protection range tailored for the UK market – Acti9 Acitve. Schneider Electric says that its solution has revolutionised the future of electrical installations across higher-risk residential buildings, HMOs, office buildings and care homes, catering to the evolving sustainable needs of electricians, facilities managers and design firms. Compliant with the Acti9 Isopar P distribution board, Acti9 Active is scalable, modular circuit protection that builds with your business.  


The all-in-one circuit protection device is known for its cutting-edge technology. Integrating residual current device (RCD), miniature circuit breaker (MCB), AFDD, and over-voltage protection, Acti9 Active delivers a level of protection designed to meet the ever-growing needs of modern enterprises.


Acit9 has been a key player in supporting SMEs on its sustainability journey since its launch in 2012. Over a decade later, Acti9 Active has been developed with even more eco-friendly features. The modular upgrade includes energy-efficient components that reduce the environmental impact during the manufacturing process, but also through to the end-of-life recyclability. By opting for Acti9 Active, businesses can significantly contribute to their green initiatives while supporting top-level electrical safety and distribution.  


The key features and benefits of Acti9 Active include: 


· Energy efficiency: Incorporating energy-efficient technology that contributes to reducing energy consumption. By using EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, the to-go web app is integral for visualising insights, notifications and diagnostics of the Active Safety System. 


· Smart connectivity: With its modular design, Acti9 Active allows for easier integration with existing smart building solutions. This also enables remote energy management and monitoring through IoT connectivity, providing customers with simple-to-understand data, trends and notifications.   


· Reduced environmental impact: With a green approach to manufacturing, businesses can automatically reduce their impact by selecting an environmentally friendly product with end-of-life recyclability – contributing to the circular economy.  


· Comprehensive protection: Acti9 provides state-of-the-art circuit protection to ensure the safety of electrical installations, reducing downtime. Furthermore, maintenance costs can be saved by utilising fault detection software – reducing outages and any serious errors. 


David Williams, Vice President for Transactional Business at Schneider Electric, says, “Acti9 Active is the first of its kind to reach the UK market. The product is a testament to Schneider Electric’s continuous commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Acti9 Active is not just a circuit protection solution; it’s a strategic investment for businesses aiming to embark on a greener and more sustainable journey.” 


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