Semi-transparent lids for the new Q-Nect IP junction boxes

Semi-transparent lids for new Q-Nect IP junction boxes

Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, continues the expansion of its Q-Nect range of lever connectors and junction boxes. The latest additions include the IP66-rated, weatherproof junction boxes with semi-transparent lids. The addition of the semi-transparent lid elevates the IP Box, allowing one to see the inside connections without compromising the enclosure’s integrity.


The design of the Q-Nect IP66 junction box allows for more efficient installation. It can house four of the 3 Port Lever Connectors using the 360° detachable cradle and the curved lid provides additional space for wires. The lid is locked using quarter-turn fasteners. The semi-transparent lids are available on the IP66 Weatherproof Enclosure, furnished with four 3 Way Lever Connectors.


The junction box features 10 membrane entry points. Its enhanced protection against moisture and dust with the self-sealing membranes provides a faster and more secure cable entry whilst maintaining the IP66 rating. Installers can use up to eight M20 cable glands with the junction box. The M20 threaded entries with membrane ensure that the IP rating is maintained without using tools or locknuts.


Multiple fixing options are available – either through fixing directly to a wall using four screws into the pre-moulded holes in the base or using the detachable wall clip, which requires just two screws. 


The new junction boxes with semi-transparent lids are available in a black or anthracite grey finish, with the anthracite grey colour option designed to match the Click Scolmore Aquip66 weatherproof socket and switch enclosures, also available with the same semi-transparent lids.

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