Strike a light with Jefferson Tools’ LED lighting products

Jefferson Tools has introduced versatile and reliable LED lighting solutions for electricians.

Electrical cabinets and consumer units, though vital, often find themselves hidden away in dark and gloomy cupboards or under the stairs. Unfortunately, without good lighting electricians’ lives are made all the harder, not to mention causing eye strain, headaches, drowsiness and reduced concentration.

The introduction of LED lighting into the electrical field has changed the way professionals approach their work. With its clear bright white light, superior energy efficiency, longevity and robustness, LED lighting offers electricians the performance and reliability needed in the often unpredictable environment. From dimly lit interiors to expansive, shadow-cast job sites, Jefferson Tools’ LED solutions ensure that electricians can work with confidence backed by the illumination needed to execute tasks.

Among its offerings, the Dual COB LED spotlight with floodlight function is well suited to comprehensive area illumination, ideal for both outdoor work and detailed inspections within dimly lit enclosures. Equipped with a COB LED bulb and a 220° rotating floodlight, this tool provides versatile lighting options, complemented by its durability (IPX-4 rating) and multifunctionality, including power bank capabilities.

For electricians needing focused lighting for inspection tasks, Jefferson Tools’ pocket-sized 300 lumen work light and the 1,000 Lumens COB LED rechargeable inspection lamp are tailored for excellence. These compact and powerful solutions are designed for illuminating confined spaces, offering easy portability and long-lasting use, making them perfect for detailed evaluations of electrical cupboards and other enclosed areas.

Additionally, the 800 lumen work light with a magnetic charging base stands ready to support the most demanding tasks. With its high-quality LED, adjustable tilt and robust construction (rated at IK07 for impact and IP65 for ingress protection), it is the go-to tool for electricians seeking reliable, heavy-duty lighting solutions, says Jefferson Tools.

In the quest for the perfect lighting, electricians must weigh several factors. The selection process hinges on finding lighting that not only offers adjustable brightness and beam angles but embodies portability and flexibility to conquer challenging spaces. Durability and resistance to the elements are important, ensuring that each lighting solution can withstand the trials of the job. Furthermore, considerations around battery life and power options are critical, guaranteeing uninterrupted illumination that keeps up with the needs of electricians.

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