Sunderland Council installs new Hamworthy heat pump system

Sunderland Council installs new Hamworthy heat pump system

When Sunderland Council needed a heating system that would help reduce carbon emissions at its offices in Stansfield Business Centre, a new Tyneham heat pump system set up in a hybrid installation from Hamworthy Heating provided an efficient and sustainable solution.

As the existing gas boilers at Stansfield Business Centre were operating at elevated temperatures and the heating system was designed to operate with high-grade heat at peak loads, Sunderland Council decided that a hybrid system (with an air source heat pump being the lead source of heating with a gas boiler providing a top up) was required, when its existing system reached the end of life.

To meet the heating demands of the building, the new Hamworthy Heating system at Sunderland Business Centre consists of a 32kW Tyneham air source monobloc heat pump, connected to a 500L buffer cylinder. According to the company, it offers operational reliability, excellent quality and outstanding performance. Tyneham heat pumps feature a co-efficiency of performance (COP) rating of up to 4.85, providing efficient, low carbon heating.

Serving as the primary heat source within the new hybrid set-up, the Tyneham heat pump efficiently increases the heat to 55º to a buffer tank. When additional temperature is required, the system, including a Stratton mk3 condensing wall-hung boiler as a secondary heat source, will switch to the boiler to meet the required load. In addition to providing year-round reliability (as the boiler supports the heat pump), this ensures that the building is supplied with the most energy-efficient system, at any given time. The Stratton mk3 features a 5:1 turndown ratio, low-class 6 NOx emissions across all models and up to 97% gross seasonal efficiency.

Controlled by a BMS system, which can be accessed on-site or remotely, Sunderland Council can now manage the system and monitor set points when required.

“Sunderland Council is committed to playing its part in tackling the global climate change emergency and is taking steps to reduce its carbon emissions from operational activities so as to be carbon neutral by 2030. As part of this commitment, Sunderland Council saw this heat pump system, set up in a hybrid installation as an excellent opportunity to both help reduce carbon emissions and save on energy”, says Alan Cowgill, Mechanical Building Services Engineer at Sunderland Council.

To read more on Hamworthy Heating, click here.

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