Thorn Lighting’s new portfolio for building surrounds

Thorn Lighting says its new outdoor portfolio offers a comprehensive choice of luminaires to bring building exteriors and surrounds to life, complementing the architecture and providing definition and identity whilst approaching the application with dark sky sensitivity in mind. The portfolio combines two distinctive design languages for a product range that provides the flexibility to create complete lighting schemes with visual consistency throughout. 


Furthermore, its new surface-mounted, in-ground, recessed, linear, flood, bollard and pole luminaires go hand in hand with its existing urban and architectural range.



The new Axyl range, with a distinctive square-edged visual identity, consists of Etch, Geo, Gild, Glow, Greet (with wall-mounted and bollard variations), Opera, Stride and Trim. Each with their unique qualities, they can expertly light the building surround, creating the right effect for the right area. Axyl Etch, for example, features an optic specifically developed to provide optimum light distribution for impactful accent lighting of window reveal applications. Meanwhile, the wall-mounted Axyl Stride, with its slimline design to create the effect of a recessed wall fitting, possesses good asymmetric light distribution and complete glare control, ensuring a dark sky-sensitive and safe lighting installation.



Similar to Axyl, the new Cesar range, with its sleek, stylish curved aesthetic, is made up of a variety of products. Amp (ceiling and wall-mounted), Jazz, Opera (walk-over and drive-over), Stride, Stroll (bollard and pole) and Strut all solve a particular challenge when it comes to lighting building surrounds. Well-suited to car parks, pedestrian areas and gardens, Cesar Strut, for example, is a pole luminaire featuring omni-directional light distribution, which offers maximum inter-distance between each luminaire position and a soft-lit effect. Moving towards the building, projects can then benefit from the likes of Cesar Jazz. Thanks to high-performance COB LEDs and multiple beam angles working in harmony together, the Cesar Jazz allows the user to be creative with light, generating impact and drawing interest to any building or space.


Eliot Horsman, Thorn’s Head of Application for Urban and Architectural, says, “Turning 95 in 2023, Thorn has a long history in lighting generally, but is well-respected as a provider of functional outdoor lighting for projects covering roads, streets, sports and urban environments. However, with the addition of Axyl and Cesar, plus an inherited range of products from the former acdc brand, Thorn is now well-equipped to provide a full suite of solutions for building surrounds.”


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