Vimpex launches Ugo Reset – the ultimate call point reset tool

Vimpex has launched a new call point reset tool, the UGO Reset, the ‘Swiss army knife’ of call point test and reset keys for fire alarm and access control resettable call points/emergency release buttons.

The UGO reset keeps the keys that fit most major fire alarm and emergency exit push button switch brands, all integral in one handy, easy-to-use, trouser-pocket-sized case. Each key can be folded out when required and neatly folded back afterwards so they cannot be lost, making it quick, easy and hassle-free to test and reset call points on site. The Ugo Reset from Vimpex can be used on most alarm brands, including Sycall, KAC, STI and others.

The Ugo Reset from Vimpex is available from most fire industry distributors and is destined to become a toolbox staple of fire and access control engineers everywhere. Its convenience will appeal to engineers and facilities managers with multiple call point types on site.

To read more on Vimpex, click here.

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