Industry unites to tackle shocking property conditions

The Private Rented Sector Safety Shocks event, to be held at One Birdcage Walk, Westminster will draw much needed attention to the poor conditions that are currently allowed to persist in a part of the housing market that’s home to over 9 million tenants. It will also showcase a new industry-led solution which provides the means to tackle this growing problem head-on, without necessarily increasing regulation.

The Home Safety Certificate, spearheaded by a Home Safety Sub-group of prominent industry forum the Electrical Safety Roundtable (ESR), is designed to save conscientious landlords time and help them ensure they have made the checks necessary to safely let their property.

Commenting on the event, chairman of the Electrical Safety Roundtable Chris Bielby said: ‘Safety Shocks is a great opportunity for industry and Government to work together, and for interested organisations such as mortgage lenders, insurance providers and local authorities to understand and incentivise the use of the Home Safety Certificate.’

‘Everyone knows that you need to take your car for an MOT each year but, as the majority of accidents occur in the home, it may surprise some to learn that a similarly rigorous regime of safety checks isn’t currently required for properties in the UK.’

Featuring a diverse range of important key speakers, the Private Rented Safety Shocks event will include presentations from: MPs, the Chief Fire Officers Association, Residential Landlords Association, insurers Direct Line, and property expert Kate Faulkner. With representatives from over 40 prominent organisations already confirmed, December 10th is sure to bring a safer private rented sector one step closer.

To find out more about the work of the Electrical Safety Roundtable and access the free Home Safety Certificate and guidance documents, visit:


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