Jefferson Tools launches Multi-Tool Socket Cutter

Jefferson Tools launches multi-tool socket cutter

The new Jefferson Tools‘ Multi-Tool Socket Box Cutter has transformed the way electricians approach the task of cutting socket holes in drywall. This innovative attachment promises effortless, safe and precise socket box cutting for single, double or even triple sockets.

Conventional methods often involve painstaking work with saws or other tools, leading to uneven cuts, dust, and in some cases, potential hazards involving concealed wires or hidden objects behind the drywall. With the introduction of the Jefferson Tools Multi-Tool Socket Box Cutter, these challenges are now a thing of the past.

What sets this tool apart is its robust design and ease of use. Engineered for durability and user-friendliness, it is straightforward to operate, giving a clean and precise cut with minimal effort. Even in tight spaces, this tool proves its worth, making socket box cutting a breeze.

The technology not only speeds up the cutting process but also dramatically reduces the risk of damaging concealed wires or encountering other hidden objects behind the drywall. Also, the box cutter has a universal shank as well as other Jefferson Tools’ multi-models.

Multi-tools are popular power tools across all trades and now electricians can reach for another compatible attachment that makes life that little bit easier out on site.

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