Johnson Controls appoints top systems integrators in UK

Johnson Controls appoints top systems integrators in UK

Johnson Controls has signed agreements with top systems integrators in the UK providing access to its full range of products in integration, installation and turnkey projects in the marketplace, including the company’s award winning Metasys Building Management System (BMS).

Deployed in more than 100,000 buildings worldwide, Johnson Controls’ Metasys BMS is an innovative, IT based open infrastructure that ensures all building systems – comfort controls, lighting, fire safety, security and equipment – operate together in harmony. The latest generation of Metasys is designed for even better user experience, is easier to configure and organises all information logically, enabling facilities managers to drive buildings to optimal energy usage and climate control.

As a result of the strong demand in the UK market for building efficiency solutions based on Johnson Controls’ technology, the company has selected top systems integrators in the UK to install Metasys. These companies, who will have full access to Johnson Controls’ entire product line of HVAC controls and equipment, include: Lloret Controls Systems, Surrey; BG Controls Group, Yorkshire; Eton Associates, London; Syscom Building Management, Surrey; British Gas Energy Services, national; Kinetic Systems, Yorkshire; Demma, national; TF Tulls, London; The Energy Solutions Group (BAS and Marsh Systems), national; Matrix, national; Craigalan Controls, Glasgow; Campbell Control Services, Glasgow; MCE Controls, Glasgow; ACE Controls, Cork; InTouch Control Systems, Cork; McCool Controls, Dublin.

The new network of Metasys trained system integrators will allow even more building owners, tenants and facilities managers to experience the benefits of Johnson Controls’ solutions.

To ensure high standards, Johnson Controls System Integrators will benefit from a complete support framework, including a comprehensive training programme, a dedicated sales and support organisation, and engineering and support tools.

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