Jointless underfloor heating cable set to transform installation process

ThermoSphere says that its Membrane Heating Cable is the first and only underfloor heating cable that uses TwistedTwin construction and in-line hot-to-cold technology.

Many faults occur around the cold tail joint of a heating cable because the joints, which are normally heat-shrink wrapped, are three times thicker than the cable. Installation of thicker cables requires installers to chase out concrete and cut into the membrane and insulation. This risks damaging cables, joints, waterproofing layer barriers and reputations with customers. ThermoSphere’s new Membrane Heating Cable prevents the need to cut the membrane, insulation and flooring.

ThermoSphere have incorporated the hot-to-cold joint connections into the primary manufacturing process, creating invisible joints and a cable that’s uniform in thickness from end-to-end. This drastically improves the installation process, with many benefits to the installer:

  • One-step cable installation saves time and effort, and speeds up and simplifies the installation process
  • Stops cable failure by removing the number one fault in underfloor heating installations
  • Preserves the waterproofing layer of the decoupling membrane
  • Allows for quick, quality workmanship with an automatically flush finish ready for tiling
  • Compatible with all membranes on the market so installers can rely on trusted products

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