JTL launches new animation to showcase the importance of functional skills

Functional skills

JTL has recently launched a brand-new animation to showcase the importance of Functional Skills – a set of capabilities that are designed to enable learners to develop confidence and fluency in maths and English. JTL’s forward-thinking animation demonstrates what could go wrong when an apprentice does not obtain their Functional Skills qualification.

Functional Skills is an essential part of every apprenticeship program for learners who do not have GCSE Grade 4, as without prior achievement of maths and English qualifications, apprentices are unable to sit their End Point Assessment. The new animation showcases a range of scenarios that could occur when an apprentice fails to gain the relevant knowledge from the course; the consequences could result in anything from incorrect job quotations to serious personal injuries.

In order to complete the Functional Skills qualification, employers need to allow their apprentices time away from work to access the remote learning plan, which focuses on practicality. The animation focuses on the importance of employers supporting learners to complete the qualification. It is recommended that apprentices complete their Functional Skills in year one of a four-year apprenticeship as the skills gained impact positively on future assessments and real-life work situations, which will in turn meet the needs of their employer.

Lorraine Hall, Head of Quality, Teaching, Learning & Assessment at JTL, says: “It is vital now more than ever that employers understand the importance of Functional Skills as not only is it a necessity for any apprentice looking to complete their programme, but it is also crucial for ensuring that learners have the correct knowledge and skills to work in a safe, professional manner. We hope that our new Functional Skills animation will bring attention to the possible dangers of not achieving the qualification, and consequently encourage employers to support their apprentices in carrying out the course.”

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