JTL launches first apprenticeship academy in partnership with Enerveo

JTL has recently partnered with Enerveo to launch its first apprenticeship academy.

The academy will see 20 JTL trainees undertake a six-week traineeship before beginning their apprenticeship with Enerveo. The goal of the traineeship is to equip learners with key skills that will form the foundation of their apprenticeship journeys, as well as educating them about the role.

All 20 learners, who began their traineeship at the end of July, will begin their apprenticeships in September. The traineeship will cover sector-specific training alongside developing each learner’s English, maths and digital skills. Three weeks of the programme will also focus on practical work experience, during which Enerveo will assign each trainee with a colleague to shadow within a relevant department. These departments span across Enerveo’s multitude of services such as mechanical, electrical, high voltage, test and inspection services, EV charging and street lighting.

Judi Wheeler, National Delivery Director at JTL, says: “We’re delighted to have partnered with Enerveo to launch our first apprenticeship academy. This is a fantastic opportunity for our learners to gain valuable industry experience that will be specifically relevant to their future apprenticeships. We’ve championed our traineeships as a valuable tool for achieving a tangible experience to ground an apprenticeship, and we look forward to our trainees receiving that with our new partners at Enerveo.”

Carolyn Reed, Enerveo HR Director, says: “We’re so pleased to be working with JTL on this brilliant project. An apprenticeship is a fantastic way for learners to really understand the different areas of our business and gain valuable experience on-site. We look forward to following the journeys of our 20 trainees over the next six weeks as they build their paths to their future careers.”

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