Keeping corrosion and rust at bay in enclosed spaces

Keeping corrosion and rust at bay in enclosed spaces

One of the most important missions of Cortec Corporation, a company committed to providing corrosion solutions for industries across the globe, is environmental responsibility – and this commitment is especially demonstrated through the company’s expanding portfolio of sustainable products.

Within this range of environmentally-responsible products is BioEmitter, an innovative corrosion preventative designed with sustainability and user safety in mind. This compact device consists of a space-saving pad made from more than 50% biobased content and packaged in a vented cardboard box for easy hanging. This allows Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCIs) in the BioEmitter pad to emit while avoiding direct contact between the pad and metal surfaces.

VpCIs migrate throughout surrounding spaces to form an invisible molecular shield on metal surfaces, inhibiting the corrosive effects of air and moisture. VpCI molecules automatically protect any metal surfaces that air can reach. BioEmitter is distinctive in offering a convenient application and delivery method for corrosion protection of valuable multi-metal components or parts within enclosed spaces of up to 1.4 m3 (50 cubic feet). It attaches to a clean surface by using either the hanging hole on the package or the four removable adhesive patches provided.

The BioEmitter will provide powerful protection of various assets for at least a year even in the presence of harsh conditions including salt, moisture, airborne contaminants, H2S, SO2, NH3, and others. The VpCIs of BioEmitter do not contain nitrites, silicones, phosphates, or heavy metals. They have no negative effects on electrical or chemical properties and will not harm plastics, elastomers, or painted surfaces. BioEmitter protects a wide variety of metals including mild and galvanized steel, brass, solder, cast iron, silver, aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys, copper, and copper-nickel alloys.

Typical applications include: electrical and instrument cabinets; tool chests, pick-up truck boxes, and fishing tackle boxes; storage lockers and trailers; gun safes and RV storage holds; and pool pump enclosures and boat storage cabinets.

When applying BioEmitter, simply slip the pad out of its package, remove the plastic bag seal, then reinsert the BioEmitter pad back into the vented cardboard packaging. For applications where spaces larger than 1.4 m3 need corrosion protection, users can hang multiple BioEmitters in opposite corners of the area needing protection.

Cortec tells us that it is continuing to make significant advancements in developing green, biobased solutions from renewable materials. As a multinational VCI/VpCI inhibitor manufacturer, the company offers a range of biobased products for use across multiple industries. Its vision is to provide a wide variety of ‘green’ corrosion control options and promote the use of sustainable resources for any industry facing metal corrosion. Cortec’s team of scientists will continue to pursue the development of flexible, sustainable, and user-friendly corrosion prevention solutions adaptable to various applications. The BioEmitter rust blocker shield is just one example of Cortec’s efforts to create and produce convenient, biobased anticorrosion devices.

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