Kidde Europe elevates fire safety awareness for children

Kidde Europe elevates fire safety awareness for children

Kidde Europe has launched its Cause for Alarm campaign. This campaign was created in response to the statistics that fatal house fires disproportionately affect some communities more than others. Alarmingly, children under the age of five are at the greatest risk of fire-related deaths, making up almost 50% of fire deaths among children aged 16 and under.[1]

This Fire Safety Week, Kidde Europe is determined to bring this critical issue to the forefront, helping to educate and support families in safeguarding their homes and their loved ones. Kidde recognises the need for a creative approach to engage and educate children and their families. To address this, Kidde has introduced the Cause For Alarm jingle, a catchy tune that helps children and parents remember what to do when a fire alarm sounds – ‘Beeps that last, get out fast’.

‘‘We want to make fire safety a top priority in every household and keep children safe in their homes,” says Rebecca Cackett, European Channel Marketing Manager, at Kidde. “With the right fire safety education and home safety products, we can help prevent devastating fatalities. We are calling on everyone to work together to help spread this message and keep our children and loved ones safe.’’

This campaign emphasises the importance of selecting the right fire safety products and creating, and importantly practising, a family escape plan, where children understand what to do if they hear an alarm sound, as these are fundamental in the battle against fire hazards. Despite a considerable percentage of households owning functional smoke alarms, a concerning 21% of those surveyed admitted to never testing them.[2]

Fires can spread rapidly, leaving no time to waste. Moreover, many house fires start at night, and the assumption that the smell of smoke will wake individuals is a big misconception. The smoke produced in house fires often contains toxic gases, like carbon monoxide, which can render people unconscious swiftly. This is why working smoke alarms are crucial, as they provide vital minutes for escape before a home becomes filled with smoke.

In the coming weeks, Kidde will be partnering with influential figures to promote the campaign, aiming to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

[1] Child accident prevention trust

[2] English Housing Survey

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