Klima-Therm extends its range of heat pumps

Klima-Therm is to distribute the Rhoss POKER290, a new range of high-temperature, low global warming potential (GWP), air-cooled reversible heat pumps with silent, brushless EC axial fans and compressors.

This heat pump produces high water temperatures and a wide span of operational limits. It features scroll hermetic compressors and natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly R290 (propane) refrigerant gas which has a GWP of 3, so there are no harmful greenhouse gas emissions or F-gas requirements.

Suitable for a host of applications, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, theatres, universities, hospitals, and nursing homes, the modular POKER290 allows heating capacity to be increased easily according to plant load requirements.

This is achieved quickly and simply by connecting up to four units to produce domestic hot water covering a capacity range from around 48-190kW. The heat pump’s modular feature also ensures full system redundancy for the ultimate in reliability.

Offering high efficiency both at full and partial loads (COP in A class, SCOP 3,2 MT, SCOP 3,81 LT, A+ Class), POKER290 modules are completely independent but managed in a synergic way.

The versatile POKER290 can generate temperatures up to 75°C with outdoor air as low as -20°C. It is also possible to make the most of the heat pump in summer mode, producing cold water for air conditioning as well as chilled water at down to -10°C.

The charge of this A3 refrigerant is less than 5kg for any kind of installation, maximising safety and allowing for outdoor installation without any restrictions. Moreover, the heat pump is fitted with an infrared gas sensor so, if there is a refrigerant leak, the unit is automatically disconnected from power supply and the technical compartment is ventilated.

Other features of the POKER290 include integrated anti-legionella cycle management and low noise operation of just 76dB(A). Furthermore, easy, complete accessibility to the unit makes it fast and simple to service and maintain.

Finally, there is an option of a touch screen and the POKER290 can be interfaced with Rhoss’s System Touch Manager (SYS-TO) to manage fan coils, air handling unit, and auxiliary sources.

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