Knipex enhances digital channels for ease of use

Knipex enhances digital channels for ease of use

KNIPEX has enhanced its digital channels to help customers choose and find the right tools quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the launch of a ‘Where to Buy’ function on the KNIPEX website and the easy-to-use product finder on the company’s app, it’s now easier than ever to get hold of the company’s professional pliers.

The app, ‘KNIPEX – pliers finder for professionals’, is a tool advisor and detailed source of information in one handy place, making it easier to find the right tool from around 2,000 products. Users can also discover a wealth of information about the Wuppertal-based manufacturer’s hand tools, or use the website and app to find the right tool for a specific application.

Features include:

• Product search: Find the right tool by entering a keyword or item number.
• Wishlist: Save your favourite tools with the heart symbol.
• Augmented Reality: Many of the tools can be virtually placed on your own workbench, rotated, zoomed in and out and viewed in detail from all sides. The ‘View in AR’ button appears on the detail pages of these tools. The filter function allows you to view all AR-compatible products at a glance.
• Product Finder: With the product finder, you can quickly find the right tool for you. Like a question-and-answer game, after entering a few pieces of framework data, the KNIPEX app immediately shows the tools that are optimally suited for your purpose. Which material is the tool to be used on? What sizes? Are there task-specific details? According to this information, the tool finder provides an overview of the tools suitable for the specific application.

An intelligent product search also immediately lists all the relevant information about the desired pliers after a keyword search or specification of the item number. The product finder, the so-called KNIPEXplorer, is the right place for anyone looking for a specific product for an application.

“You may be an electrician and discover you need the 13 76 200 ME forged wire stripper, a five-in-one tool that combines cutting, stripping, twisting, deburring and gripping capabilities in a single, robust tool,” explains David Barnes, KNIPEX UK Marketing Manager.

“Or as a plumber, the KNIPEX 90 25 25 pipe cutter could be the one you need to cut through pipes up to 26mm with up to 60% less effort compared to traditional cutting methods. You can save all KNIPEX tools of interest to them in an integrated wish list in their personal user account.”

Once users have found the tool they need, KNIPEX website visitors can now click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to find official stockists and buy their new tool quickly and easily either online or via a local tool supplier. This useful function will also be added to the app in the very near future.

The app is now available free of charge in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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