KNIPEX ErgoStrip: ‘A favourite with all electricians’

KNPEX ErgoStrip

The KNIPEX ErgoStrip, which is capable of stripping and dismantling all round cables used in modern house installations, continues to be popular with electricians thanks to its time, money and hassle-saving features. Hundreds of thousands have viewed the company’s online video of the tool and electricians who have posted positive product reviews showing just what an asset the ErgoStrip is to have in a toolkit.

Small, versatile and easy to use, the KNIPEX ErgoStrip, can dismantle data cables and strip and dismantle a coax cable. The innovative, angled shape of the ErgoStrip allows it to strip all common NYM cables and the comfortable pistol grip means there is no need to change grip when disassembling. It’s ideal for work in confined spaces such as junction boxes and distribution boxes as the tapered tool ends allow for dismantling in cramped areas.

Ever with installer needs in mind, KNIPEX has placed location ridges on the wire stripping holes so that the correct cable position for stripping can be found intuitively. As the insertion points for coax and data cables are angled, with gentle pressure the cables simply slide into the correct position by themselves.

A length scale is also provided so data and coax cables can be dismantled and stripped to the same length and NYM cables can be cut lengthwise conveniently and safely using the practical cable guide parallel to the half shells, where the cable is automatically pressed and fed against the guide hollows on the housing.

A video on the tool has reached over 175,000 views since its launch and the ErgoStrip is continually being discovered and given the thumbs up by electricians in the UK.

“I’m stripping cables every day, sometimes some flexes and inner SWA sheaths can be really stubborn to strip, I have found the Ergostrip tackles them much easier with the slicing function. Also, it’s great when preparing FP200 ends in awkward conduit/back boxes, as you can get the tool right in due to its small size, same goes for Cat 5/6/7 and control cables. All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised with just how useful the ErgoStrip is and would definitely recommend one to others!” says M J J Stannard Electrical on the Tool Talk Plus forum.

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