KNIPEX launches the KNIPEXplorer pliers’ finder app

Pliers app

KNIPEX has launched its new app ‘KNIPEX – pliers finder for professionals’, an important next step in the digitisation of its offering. Users can now use the app to discover a great deal of information about the Wuppertal-based manufacturer’s hand tools or to find the right tool for a specific application – whether in the workshop or on the road. It is now available free of charge in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

The new app is a tool advisor and detailed source of information in one. An intelligent product search also immediately lists all the relevant information about the desired pliers after a keyword search or specification of the item number.

The product finder, the so-called KNIPEXplorer, is the right place for anyone looking for a specific product for their area of application. Here, after entering the type of activity and the material used, the app suggests the right tool for it. The KNIPEXplorer will initially include pipe cutters, pipe shears and crimping pliers, and other types of tools will follow soon.

In an integrated wish list, users can save all KNIPEX tools of interest to them in their personal user account. With the augmented reality function, selected tools can also be placed virtually on the workbench: simply switch on the camera and view the pliers in three dimensions, rotate, zoom and place them anywhere in the room.

Further updates and extensions of the KNIPEX pliers’ finder are already planned. The KNIPEX app is now available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

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