Knipex releases ‘how to’ video

Knipex has released a ‘How To’ video on its automatic insulation stripping PreciStrip16 tool. Filmed in the Knipex workshop and available to view on the Knipex YouTube channel, the video shows just how effective and time saving the tool is for any electrician who needs to strip cable quickly and efficiently.

The high-tech wire stripper is based on parabolic stripping blades that separate insulation from both extremely fine-stranded and solid round cables, then automatically strip it off backwards. The blade pair extensively encloses the insulation and is thus suitable for many flexible materials. The blade cassette can be easily replaced.

A patented mechanism automatically regulates the incision depth of the stripping blades to suit the insulation thickness on the conductor within a large capacity range of 0.08 to 16mm2; the neutral point of this mechanism can be precisely adjusted to account for specific conditions of use (such as specific insulation materials and temperatures). This zero-correction allows the new wire stripper to also strip insulation where traditional automatic devices often fail. The automatic mechanism, which is fitted with a large dial with fine and tactile locking positions, increases the range of the Knipex PreciStrip16 so that it can handle particularly hard or soft materials.

The PreciStrip16 features a cable cutter on top, which reliably cuts flexible cables up to 16mm² and solid conductors up to 6mm². It has an adjustable length stop for accurate repetitive work. The PreciStrip16 also has a description label so it can be personalised, meaning no more mix-ups.

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