Latest boiler range for social housing and new build projects

Latest boiler range provides unbeatable SAP ratings for social housing and new build projects

Baxi has launched its latest range of boilers for social housing providers and housebuilders, providing best-in-class SAP performance and maximum efficiency for refurbishment and new build projects.

Designed specifically to make installation and maintenance run even smoother, the new Baxi Assure 500 2 range provides efficient output of 24kW to 36kW for Combi boilers, and 15kW to 24kW for System models, now supplied in new fully recyclable packaging.

Improvements to the new Baxi Assure 500 Combi and System 2 boilers include a pre-heated siphonic condensate trap, which prevents freezing and boiler lockouts in adverse winter conditions, a combined Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) and separate primary boiler drain for quick, simple draining and maintenance access, and removeable colour coded wiring blocks for easier wiring.

In addition, the new boiler ranges are manually convertible between natural gas and LPG, without the need for a conversion kit. They are also compatible with the new one person internal fit horizontal telescopic flue range for a safer and quicker installation from inside the property.

For new build projects, the new Baxi Assure 500 2 range now tops the efficiency listing in the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB). For social housing providers looking to make upgrades to their housing stock through energy saving enhancements, replacing older boilers with newer, more energy-efficient models could give better efficiency and performance for tenants.

Property efficiency can be further improved by using Baxi’s range of compatible accessories, such as its Flue Gas Heat Recovery (FGHR) unit, and In-Flue Outdoor Sensor (IFOS) for weather compensation, in line with boiler plus regulations. Not only does the new Baxi Assure 500 2 excel on the PCDB listing, but when combined with either the Baxi Assure FGHR or IFOS, efficiencies are unbeatable.

The new range follows the launch of the Baxi Assure HP50 air source heat pump (ASHP), with compatible Baxi Assure hot water cylinder for new build and retrofit projects. With outputs from 4kW to 13kW suiting a range of property sizes, the new HP50 range will further support accelerated progress in meeting decarbonisation goals.

Lee Caulfield, Head of Sales, Residential Specification at Baxi, says, “We understand that housebuilder, developers, and social housing providers are under more pressure than ever to deliver efficient and comfortable homes to residents. To support them with achieving this, it is important that we have the very best in efficient heating products available for them to use.

“These upgrades to the Baxi Assure product range also reinforce our commitment to being a partner for social housing providers, supporting them with different approaches to decarbonisation that suits budgets and individual properties. Every house is different and requires different solutions to suitably improve it for the environment and tenants. We have over 150 years’ experience of heating the UK’s homes, making us well equipped to provide the efficient products, design expertise, comprehensive training, commissioning, servicing and aftersales support for our social housing customers.”

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