Lease Van’s top tips for protecting your garage from opportunistic criminals

Lease Van's top tips for protecting your garage from opportunistic criminals

Experts at Lease Van have named seven measures all drivers – but especially van owners and tradespeople – can take to ensure their garages are secure from opportunistic criminals.

Here are the company’s top tips for properly securing your garage:

1. Motion activated lights

Installing motion action lights will deter opportunistic criminals from attempting to break in. A well lit area will put any intruders in the light, meaning they’ll be easily seen by any neighbours or passers by.

2. Sturdy windows

Ensure that any windows in the garage are reinforced with locks or screwed down if not in use, especially if they are old and weak. Tinted film will also prevent criminals from looking for anything valuable.

3. Conceal remote controls

Some garages may be operated by a remote control, but this device should be hidden well inside of your home and not left in the vehicle. Criminals may take their chance by breaking into vans parked outside of the garage and easily get into the garage undetected.

4. Garage door defenders

These devices can be installed at the front of the garage to secure the door to the ground. The heavy duty security defender completely restricts the door from opening, stopping criminals from entering the garage.

5. Alarm system

Motion sensor alarm systems will trigger a loud noise when any unwanted thieves attempt to break down the door or any weak points in the garage. Criminals who see that an alarm system is in place will be deterred from attempting to break in.

6. Lock bulky items together

Use a heavy duty locking system to keep bulky equipment and tools together. In the event that a criminal does enter the garage, all of the heavy and expensive items that are attached will be near-impossible to move.

7. Camera system

Even setting up a basic camera system will deter any criminals thinking they can break in quickly and unseen. Home security systems with cameras pointing at all entrances to the garage will help keep tools and equipment protected.

Tim Alcock from Lease Van comments, “Tradespeople and van drivers should keep their garages secured at all times to prevent expensive equipment and tools from being stolen by opportunistic criminals.

“It’s easy to install motion activated lights and alarm systems to deter attempted break ins, while reinforcing weak windows with locks or using tinted film will hide valuables from sight.

“Garage door defenders can also be installed as a device to secure the door to the ground – movement will be completely restricted to stop thieves from gaining entry. Also consider locking up bulky and expensive items together with a heavy duty chain, as this will make it near-impossible for criminals to pick up the equipment and steal it.”

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