LEDs to reduce crime in Gloucester neighbourhoods

The worried residents argue that the installations will light up areas such as alleyways and quiet streets much more effectively to deter potential criminals from committing crimes in these areas. They will also help to illuminate CCTV footage much more effectively, leading to a higher number of arrests and convictions for those who do commit crime in the area.

Steven Ellwood, managing director of BLT Direct, said, ‘Many Neighbourhood Watch schemes and people concerned about the crime levels in their area are campaigning to get their street lamps turned into LED lightbulbs. The bright illumination that they offer permeates all dark corners and they have low energy consumption so councils can install more of them, and leave them on for much longer. Criminals are much less likely to commit crime whilst they are in a spotlight.’

For the residents of these crime stricken areas, LED bulbs are a welcome introduction.  The bulbs will spread bright light in backstreets, alleyways and on quiet residential estates, deterring criminals from committing crimes there.

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