Ledvance brings light to the future

Recently which the current Osram Lamps business division has become legally independent and will therefore become Ledvance GmbH.

Around 9,000 employees at 17 global production locations and 50 country agencies ensure worldwide availability, direct contact with customers and premium products. This ‘General Lighting’ business division achieved a turnover of approximately two billion euros in the 14/15 fiscal year.

Ledvance will place customers in the trade and retail sales channels at the centre of its business activities. Legal independence will enable the business to have increased flexibility, focusing on success factors in the dynamic consumer goods business. At the same time new business options such as the market for intelligent, networked products (Smart Home) and strategic decisions for the further development of the company can be more quickly and determinedly implemented.

The foundation for a highly successful start has been laid thanks to the strong, renowned brands of Osram along with Sylvania in North America – Ledvance has rights of use for these brands in the coming years – as well as global market access and a wide range of LED lamps and luminaires with maximum product quality.

The company offers the largest LED retrofit portfolio of all time with the Osram brand for the 16/17 lighting season, with well over 200 new LED lamps ranging from simple to smart and functional to highly attractive. In terms of light, Ledvance also remains a full-range provider. It remains one of the few producers to offer products with traditional lighting technologies. The product portfolio ranges from old-fashioned incandescent lamps for special applications, halogen light sources and fluorescent tubes to energy-saving lamps and high-pressure discharge lamps. Ledvance can therefore always offer the optimum solution for any requirement, meaning all from a single source for both resellers and consumers.

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