LEDVANCE Gets Full Marks With First VDE HCL Certificate

LEDVANCE Gets Full Marks With First VDE HCL Certificate

LEDVANCE has become the first to be awarded the HCL certificate with the best possible quality award (3/3 stars) from the independent VDE Testing and Certification Institute. The award was made for its new and advanced BIOLUX HCL system and it is the first time that a company has qualitatively fulfilled all existing requirements, norms and standards for an HCL system.

“Previously, there was no qualitative testing of HCL systems by an independent authority,” explains LEDVANCE Head of R&D and Strategic Portfolio Management Dr. Ulrich Weiss. “We therefore very much welcome VDE’s initiative to establish standardised HCL test-criteria based on norms and standards and incorporating measurement techniques. This is unique worldwide. We are very proud that our BIOLUX HCL system has received the best possible quality award from VDE and fulfils all requirements to positively support the human biological rhythm, showing activity and performance during the day, supporting good sleep at night and increased well-being.”

“The collaboration with the technical experts from LEDVANCE has been excellent,” says Dragana Zdravkovic-Stojanovic, technical expert for luminaires at VDE Institute. “Our criteria for being awarded with three stars were by no means easy to implement. I am looking forward very much to further joint projects.”

LEDVANCE’s HCL system is designed to positively support the human biological day-night-rhythm, increase well-being and performance during the day and improve the quality of sleep at night. The evaluation by the VDE Institute was based on various criteria regarding light quality, correct simulation of the course of daylight, energy and cost efficiency, safety, ease of installation and commissioning, usability and compliance with national, EU and global norms and standards.

The VDE mark is synonymous with safety and quality in electrical devices, components and systems. The independent test engineers carry out product, quality and safety tests on more than 100,000 devices per year before the VDE Institute awards the test mark. The VDE Institute has now developed a new standardised catalogue of test-criteria to evaluate HCL systems with regard to quality, safety, performance and usability. Compliance with these criteria is confirmed by a three-stage certificate.

The LEDVANCE BIOLUX HCL system consists of wirelessly connected components. The intelligent BIOLUX control unit ensures – as the heart of the system – that the corresponding BIOLUX LED luminaires simulate the natural course of daylight in terms of light colour and intensity. Unique to the BIOLUX HCL system is the possibility of manually adjusting light to different situations using five predefined light modes. While the NATURAL mode simulates the natural course of daylight, the BOOST and FOCUS modes support concentration and productivity. RELAX provides relaxing light during breaks and with CREATE brainstorming sessions are encouraged.

The built-in safety mechanism has been particularly positively evaluated by the VDE Institute: The five different light modes always follow the curve of natural daylight and thus ensure that the effects on the biorhythm are positive at all times. This makes the BIOLUX HCL system particularly suitable for offices, meeting rooms, hospitals, doctors’ surgeries as well as elder care and nursing homes.

 After connection to the power grid, the LEDVANCE BIOLUX HCL system can be installed and commissioned in five to 10 minutes in an uncomplicated, fast and wireless manner using a smartphone app. The system automatically determines the time of sun rise and sunset based on the geographical location and autonomously configures all settings based on the course of daylight. As the system works independently and configures itself, no complicated programming or integration into existing lighting management systems is necessary.

This keeps costs low and contributes to a particularly economical use. A total of up to 20 luminaires can communicate with the intelligent control unit, which can be added to the system simply by scanning the QR code. The complete communication of control unit and luminaires is securely encrypted and no user data is transferred. The user can set the five lighting modes in no time at all via the control unit.


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