New SUN@HOME range makes lighting feel good

LEDVANCE launches new SUN@HOME smart lighting range that reproduces natural daylight for a better quality of life.

The new SUN@HOME range from LEDVANCE offers lamps and luminaires that use unique SunLike full-spectrum LEDs to increase well-being and performance in the home. The dimmable LEDs provide rooms with the highest quality of light (CRI >95), similar to natural daylight, with colour that can be adjusted across a wide spectrum of 2,200K to 5,000K.

Commenting on the range, Peter Alexander, Head of Retail Sales UK and Ireland at LEDVANCE says, “Human Centric Lighting has been the most significant recent functional advancement in intelligent lighting, and our SUN@HOME range represents its next step. These products can make a real difference to personal routines, such as concentration-enhancing light during the day for working at home, and a high quality of light in the evening to prepare for sleep. LEDVANCE are proud to launch a new lighting range that users can not only see, but feel.”

The SUN@HOME range fluctuates lighting in line with the human circadian rhythm, a 24-hour body clock that governs our natural cycles of activity and rest by managing hormone levels. Humans are known to be heavily influenced by variations in natural light throughout the course of the day. The SUN@HOME lamps and luminaires offer smart lighting solutions that counteract the listlessness caused by working indoors through their bright, white light during the day to increase concentration, improving performance and motivation. In contrast, the low blue light component of the full-spectrum LEDs improves sleep intensity at night.

Alongside their positive impact on well-being, SUN@HOME products can be easily controlled with the free LEDVANCE SMART+ WIFI APP or by voice command. The products can be smoothly integrated into the home network and controlled via WiFi without any additional hardware. The Smart Home controls empower users with even more intelligent functions, such as a natural wake-up with fade-in light or weather-dependent adjustment of the lighting.

The SUN@HOME luminaires even monitor the room climate with an innovative coating that disinfects ambient air by eliminating any pathogens that come into contact with it. This keeps the air free of germs, fungi and unpleasant odours to ensure room freshness and hygiene are preserved.

The new smart SUN@HOME lighting range from LEDVANCE includes home office desk lighting to create the ideal office working space. Easy to install Planon plus WiFi luminaire panels in different sizes with Frameless versions in further size options provide homogenous lighting for indoor spaces. A Moodlight, FLEX strip lighting, Downlights, Spot PAR 16, Classic B25 and A40 lamps round off the range for a complete home transformation to wellbeing.

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