Speedy, Safe Installation for Contractors from New Range of Busbars

New Busbars

Amid the increased construction demand and tight deadlines facing electrical contractors, Legrand UK & Ireland has upgraded its range of busbars and tap-off boxes to offer a wider choice of power distribution solutions that save time on installation.

For those working on projects with varying power requirements, the new Zucchini XCP range from Legrand is designed to fit all budgets and power requirements across multi-occupancy residential, commercial and industrial applications.

As UK construction grows at the fastest pace in 24 years, there is more pressure than ever on contractors to complete projects on time and on budget. With sectors such as warehouse construction experiencing investment 54% higher in 2021 compared to 2018 according to Knight Frank, Paul Martin, Lead Marketing Manager for Legrand’s Power Distribution business unit, explains how M&E solutions must support contractors with these challenges.

Paul says: “The pressure facing contractors to deliver projects means there is little room for error when installing electrical systems. A particular example of this has been seen in the warehouse construction sector, which has seen a boom in conjunction with the rise in e-commerce over the past year.

“Along with requirements for time saving, there is an expectation that safety will be prioritised across all installations in any application. To help contractors with these pressures, we have designed the new XCP range to ensure correct installation can be quickly carried out first time, while remaining cost effective and avoiding the need to replace or reinstall.”

To support contractors in promoting safety while speeding up installation, the range is quick to install and can be visually inspected for correct connections due to the shear off bolt connections. This can reduce the risk of bad connections which cause over heating problems.

The XCP range is also available with a two-times rated neutral phase conductor option, helping to mitigate the addition of electronic devices into a building. This option helps contractors ensure the system keeps up with any changes in electrical demand and does not overheat due to electrical imbalances.

As contractors working on a range of applications require different levels of specification, the XCP range includes an XCP-S (Standard) busbar in addition to an XCP-HP (High Performance) counterpart. Along with this, there is a comprehensive, market-leading selection of plastic and metal tap-off boxes available, rated 25-250A and 63-630A respectively.

Paul adds: “With power requirements differing greatly, this range has been created to keep projects within budget. Along with the safety measures, we hope the cost-effective choice of quick-to-install solutions will support contractors with deadlines, budgets and safety concerns for any project size.”

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