Legrand: Celebrating 35 Years Of UK Manufacturing

Marking a significant year for the business, Legrand is celebrating its 35th year of manufacturing in the UK.

With a £100m turnover, over 700 employees and eight sites – including four manufacturing plants – throughout the UK & Ireland, Legrand has grown to become one of the leading figures in the UK electrical manufacturing sector, with over 85% of the products sold in this country, also being made here.

The UK operation now comprises six business units; cable management, power distribution, wiring devices, assisted living and healthcare, data communications and energy controls – all providing vital electrical and digital building infrastructure to all corners of the UK’s domestic and commercial landscape. From simple wiring accessories, to assisted living and home automation technology, right through commercial and industrial power distribution and lighting control systems for factories, offices, hospitals and schools, the product range and Legrand’s remit is extensive.

Tony Greig of Legrand
Tony Greig of Legrand

The business also supports a healthy Research and Development arm throughout the UK, supported by the fact that circa 50% of UK sales are from products less than five years old.

Tony Greig, CEO Legrand UK & Ireland, commented, “Over 35 years ago, when Legrand first began manufacturing in the UK, it was hard to imagine the landscape we currently find ourselves in. In the beginning we manufactured and supplied mechanical products, this evolved to electrical systems and now, over 50% of our products have an electronic/digital element.

“Technology has developed at an unprecedented pace and we have seen our offering in the UK & Ireland change dramatically. In the early days, we manufactured products – ‘things’ – this advanced to the development of systems and now today, we are embarking on a new journey providing both solutions and services. It is literally the start of a new digital era in construction.”

Assisted living specialist Tynetec and healthcare specialist Aid Call were acquired in 2013, while assisted living monitoring and response service Jontek, as well as lighting controls manufacturer CP Electronics, were acquired earlier in 2016. Power distribution experts Electrak became part of Legrand in 2008. Such acquisitions have further elevated Legrand’s service offering throughout the UK and Ireland, providing customers with wide-ranging manufacturing expertise for niche and mainstream market sectors alike.

Tony continued, “We have a great advantage being able to harness the knowledge and expertise housed within our business units; both in the UK and in the wider Group. We can spot and track trends and developments here in the UK and abroad and adapt solutions to meet the needs of each and every market. We’re also in a great position in relation to our export business, with circa 15% of turnover being attributed to this.

“Through a determination to evolve and adapt our offering in this fast paced industry, we have remained at the forefront of the latest technological advancements. Looking to the future and the increasing role of connectivity in our homes and businesses, we believe Legrand UK & Ireland is well placed to help people harness the mutual benefits that modern technology now presents us.

“The last 35 years of developing and manufacturing new products in the UK has laid the foundations for what is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting stage in the history of Legrand, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

For more information on Legrand UK & Ireland visit: www.legrand.co.uk

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