New under-desk range set to transform international offices

Legrand UK & Ireland has bolstered its Intersoc range with the launch of Intermod, providing offices a completely flexible under-desk power solution.

Intermod is an extension to the Electrak offering and provides a truly international range of power sockets, USB chargers and a wide range of other outlets including data. Intermod is a completely modular system that can be built to customers’ individual requirements and used with other products within the Intersoc range to extend the capabilities.

Factory-assembled in the UK, Intermod uses Legrand’s extensive range of Arteor modules, which offers almost limitless combinations. Providing the marketplace’s widest selection of power, data and AV capabilities, Intermod is ideal for buildings that have shared spaces, hot-desking or a clean desk policy.

As the nature of under-desk solutions is to allow for cleaner and clutter-free environments, the solution also benefits organisations looking to achieve ISO 27001 compliance. ISO 27001 is a framework that helps organisations keep information assets secure. By introducing clean desk policies which include under-desk power solutions, organisations can encourage employees to ensure they are not leaving non-essential paperwork on their desks.

Paul Martin, Lead Marketing Manager at Legrand, says: “Businesses around the world are starting their journey to a more flexible future, and as such are continually transitioning their premises to meet future needs. The launch of our new under-desk range allows us to ensure offices are futureproofed without requiring major upheaval. Existing offices can be upgraded without disruption, providing flexibility and a workplace fit for the future.”

To support installers, Intermod and Intersoc are completely compatible and share the same connections and components, including the busbar system and end connectors. As such, they can be electrically and mechanically connected in the same way, making it ideal for retrofitting to existing Intersoc installations.

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