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Leonardo signs Light as a Service deal with Signify

Lighting expert, Signify, has been appointed by Leonardo UK, a global Aerospace, Defence and Security (AD&S) company, to help accelerate its carbon reduction as part of the company’s ambitious sustainability strategy.

In support of Leonardo’s sustainability strategy – including a recently approved Science Based Target – and drive to Net Zero in the UK, Signify has signed a 10-year Light as a Service (LaaS) agreement that includes the full turnkey installation of LED lighting with Interact lighting management software, across 14 buildings at the Yeovil site. The lighting in each building has been carefully designed to ensure a safe and productive work environment for the 3,300 highly skilled personnel across the site.

Signify’s LaaS model is a performance-based contract that guarantees light-level performance for the full duration of the contract. Crucially, the execution of the new lighting system does not require upfront capital investment – instead, Leonardo pays Signify an annual operating fee. This LaaS model enables Leonardo to realise cash-positive savings from the first year. Once completed, the programme is expected to reduce Leonardo’s location-based CO2 emissions by an estimated 725 tons per year, supporting Somerset Council’s Climate Emergency Strategy.

Leonardo is one of the UK’s leading aerospace companies and one of the biggest suppliers of defence and security equipment to the UK MOD, making a significant contribution to the UK economy. Leonardo’s Yeovil site is the Home of British Helicopters – offering end-to-end helicopter manufacturing, training, and lifecycle services to operators worldwide.

As part of the redesign, the buildings will also see the deployment of Signify’s lighting management system, Interact. The connected lighting system combines energy-efficient Philips LED fixtures with advanced sensors and Interact software. The system will ensure that the LED fixtures are only turned on when an area is occupied. When there is sufficient natural daylight, the LED fixtures will automatically dim to compensate. This maximises lighting energy savings while ensuring a safe working environment.

Interact provides Leonardo with the ability to make changes to lighting groups and zones, as well as adjust sensor settings in order to further optimise or react to operational changes.

In the future, Leonardo can connect the lighting management system to the cloud using wireless gateways. This enables data-based insights into lighting energy performance, space occupancy, and
lighting asset management for all the connected LED fixtures and buildings. Data is presented in Interacts’ simple-to-use configurable dashboards, enabling Leonardo stakeholders to review historical and real-time data, and easily implement changes from any location with an internet connection.

“We believe that choosing Signify as our partner for lighting will have a significantly positive impact on our sustainability goals,” says Paul Coombs, VP of Facilities, Real Estate and Infrastructure Projects – Leonardo Helicopters UK. “Saving energy and minimising waste are two ways we manage our environmental footprint to help preserve our planet for future generations. The LaaS model provided by Signify gave us the option to do both in an innovative way with no capital outlay.

“Also, with Interact, we have a connected lighting system that provides more than just light. With the reduction in carbon emissions and the energy savings, Leonardo will continue its commitment to become a more sustainable organisation and lead the defence industry by example.”

Derk Bots, Commercial leader for Europe Office & Industry – Signify, adds, “In the traditional method of lighting procurement, organisations get their lighting by purchasing and maintaining their lighting equipment. Light as a Service turns this around and encourages organisations to take a step towards a more sustainable future by making the switch to LED lighting or upgrading their systems to connected lighting and reap the benefits of data and IoT, so they can create spaces that adapt to their needs, making them more efficient, connected, and sustainable.

“Light as a Service projects have an important contribution to the objectives set out in our Brighter Lives, Better World sustainability programme and contribute to the rapid growth of our systems and services business.”

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