Lighting Control Made Easy

Beckhoff’s TF8050 Lighting Solution software is a ready-made PLC application library for its PC-based control system. Offering easy configuration, control and monitoring of DALI/DALI2 devices, TF8050 is decentrally scalable and supports limitless DALI lines each with a combination of up to 64 ballasts and switching devices. Fast functional changes, address changes, system expansions and cross-DALI line groupings can be carried out without operational interruptions.

Based around the ‘human-centric’ control concept, TF8050 provides simple, programless configuration of complex lighting systems. With features such as colour temperature control, daylight control, constant light regulation and scheduler/holiday setting, a web browser is all that’s required to configure, define functionality and commission the system. Alternatively, configuration can be achieved via an Excel spreadsheet which provides a secure way of backing up and restoring lighting projects.

To simplify the maintenance and management of lighting systems, information such as hours run, power consumption, readdressing of ballasts and fittings, and error and status monitoring is instantly available to facilities managers. This information can also be displayed on any device with a web browser or via one of Beckhoff’s panel-mounted or in-wall display panels.

TF8050 supports the latest generation of DALI2 sensors, including motion and Lux sensors from the likes of Steinel and BEG. Regular push-button and retractive switches can be simply incorporated into the system using Beckhoff’s standard digital input terminals.

BACnet/IP connectivity also enables the lighting solution to be incorporated into a wider building management system, giving it an advantage over typical standalone lighting control systems.

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