Lithe Audio transforms the fully immersive home cinema experience

Lithe Audio transforms the fully immersive home cinema experience

With its new WiSA-enabled Lithe Audio Wireless Cinema Hub and WiSA-enabled Lithe Audio Cinema Subwoofer with 8” driver and premium amplifier, Lithe Audio has created a transformative system to deliver a high-quality cinema experience at home, in your living room or outdoors, without any AVR or speaker wires.

With seamless connection to Lithe Audio WiSA-certified ceiling and on-wall speakers – such as the Pro ceiling speakers or new WiSA iO1 indoor/outdoor speaker – the system can be discreetly installed to deliver a fully flexible and immersive experience without the need for a dedicated cinema room.

“This is a game-changing solution that wirelessly delivers a discreet yet fully immersive room-filling media experience for movies, gaming or music in the home,” says Amit Ravat, Director of Lithe Audio.

“The Cinema Hub provides multiple wireless streaming services and Dolby sound format options and links seamlessly to any WiSA-enabled speakers without connecting cables. Together with the WiSA Subwoofer, it transforms the home cinema experience into something extraordinary.

“Paired with our WiSA-enabled in-ceiling Pro speakers or iO1 speakers, this high-quality cinema experience is achievable in any room and scalable to any size. And as the i01 is waterproof with an IP-66 rating – with six different mounting configurations – you can use this system to create fully immersive outdoor TV setup too.”

Tony Ostrom, WiSA Association President, adds, “The team at Lithe Audio continues to innovate and lead with amazing audio solutions that bring powerful performances, elegant design, and simplicity of installation to anyone seeking amazing home entertainment experiences. We are very excited to be the technology driving the high quality wireless audio connectivity and performance of this great solution from our friends at Lithe Audio.”

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