Look beyond just esos compliance, says Newey & Eyre

Caren comments: ‘ESOS has been a fantastic tool in raising awareness of energy efficient measures for commercial building owners but, in reality, businesses shouldn’t end with compliance.

‘Newey & Eyre, as part of Rexel UK, elected to comply through the ISO 50001certification route but now we are compliant, we’ve not just stopped there. In fact, our head office expansion at Eagle Court in Birmingham illustrates our commitment to continuous improvement in driving greater energy efficiency, incorporating lighting and building controls that will help us achieve significant savings.

‘In this way, business owners must use the scheme as a mechanism to drive energy efficiency changes from within the core of their organisation; from engaging with employees about the savings to be had to spark behaviour change through to really understanding building energy consumption through monitoring.

‘And whilst corporate social responsibility (CSR) may be seen more as a ‘nice to have’ for many large organisations, research by the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) has shown that annual stock prices react positively to changes in CSR performance – including the demonstration of energy awareness – indicating a direct link between market share and CSR activity2.’

As a business committed to driving the green agenda, Newey & Eyre continues to heavily invest in the search for the most innovative, energy technology available.

What’s more, the electrical wholesaler’s network of nationwide branches provides electricians with local access to world-leading green solutions first, empowering them to provide customers with everything they need to meet the needs of an ever changing and increasingly complex environment.

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