Lounge plates added to Scolmore’s Click Mode antiviral range

Scolmore has added new lounge combination plates to its Click Mode antiviral wiring accessories range.

There are two new power and data combination plates now available as standard products in the Mode wiring accessories range. The first comprises four, 13A double pole switched socket-outlets with two sets of three Euro module apertures. The second plate comprises two, 13A double pole switched socket-outlets with one set of three Euro-module apertures.

The provision of Euro module apertures allows the installer to have the flexibility to configure any combination of audio, video, data and media connection as required.

Designed to complement the MODE range, the new lounge plates are constructed from the same Urea Formaldehyde which provides anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

Lounge plates are increasingly being specified as they offer enhanced socket-outlet provision and avoid a clutter of smaller plates (socket-outlets, radio/TV outlets, telephone outlets etc.) by bringing these services together into a single unit.

Scolmore already offers a range of decorative lounge plates within its New Media collection.

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