Luton Borough Council upgrades its LED street lighting

Luton Borough Council upgrades its LED street lighting

British lighting manufacturer Acrospire has collaborated with Luton Borough Council to reduce carbon emissions, save energy, minimise light pollution, and enhance public safety through clear surveillance footage.


Luton Borough Council is responsible for over 18,500 streetlights on the public highway; it operates with a focus on maintaining reliable highway infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient movement in Luton. The ‘Keep Luton Lit’ Street Lighting policy, designed to foster a safe, green, and accessible environment, contributes to the overall prosperity of Luton.

In 2019/20, Luton BC initiated a program to replace HID lanterns with energy-efficient LED lighting on all traffic routes and residential roads. The Council sought energy efficiency and the return to photocell control switching at a reduced light level following the previous failure of an operated CMS.


Acrospire was appointed as the main supplier out of two others for the project.


Tim Barker, Managing Director at Acrospire comments, “We provided luminaires for the mass LED rollout based on our previous successful collaboration with the council. The Sprint range of LED luminaires met the high specifications, which resulted in the deployment of over 4,000 Sprint Mini and Micro units across Luton’s traffic routes and residential roads.”


The chosen Sprint luminaires offer energy efficiency, lightweight recyclable aluminium bodies, a seven-pin Nema socket for controls, a fully programmable driver, and a toolless entry for easy maintenance. Working on Luton BC’s lighting designs, a mix of over 4,000 Sprint luminaires finished in light grey (RAL 7305), 45W and 90W 4000K, have been installed by VolkerHighways, across Luton’s traffic routes and residential roads.


The 4000K Sprint luminaires were selected to meet lighting requirements whilst enhancing surveillance capabilities for public safety. Sprint offers further energy savings and user comfort with a fully programmable driver with dimming.


The Council opted to install 35/18 lux photocells. It delivered 5% savings, based on the old CMS burning hours.


In four years, the adoption of energy-efficient LED lighting has yielded 43% energy savings and 61% carbon reduction for Luton Borough Council.


Steven Lain, Service Manager at Bus Services & Operations, Property & Infrastructure at Luton Borough Council, says, “The LED streetlighting upgrades have not only aligned with our sustainability goals but have significantly contributed to creating a safer and more energy-efficient environment in Luton. Acrospire’s commitment to delivering a high-quality solution has been pivotal in the success of this project.”

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